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From: juice at liukuma.net juice at liukuma.net
Date: Tue Sep 23 07:28:17 UTC 2014
Niel Nielsen kirjoitti Tue Sep 23 2014 09:58:49 GMT+0300 (EEST):
> I dont think that its necessary to push Joerg out, I am not even sure if
> that is possible with the current regulations, I believe not.
> But I have read more than once doc stating he is leaving Maemo completely,
> and I read those statements as a step-down.
> As for Council, eV structure.
> The normal way an eV works, is that the eV board is the responsible for the
> eV and everything concerning members, rules, regulations, competions et al.
> There is no 'council', other that the assembly, which basically consists of
> all (active) members, who can use their votes to for example reject
> proposals from the eV board.
> That, in other terms, means that the members are the 'council'.
> However, eV board is responsible for any actions, legally - tax reporting
> and all. So the eV board can of course not carry out actions from the
> members that would be illegal, or against constitution of the eV.
> That doesnt mean we can not have two entities, but practically, it would
> make much of a difference.
> /Niel

I was not part of the original task force that created HiFo, but I have understood that the original idea was to have the Council more or less to have continuity of tradition.

It was only later realized that this created more problems than it solved :(

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