[maemo-community] 2015-01-13 Meeting Minutes

From: Oksana A. Tkachenko oksana.a.tkachenko at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jan 16 05:57:00 UTC 2015

Meeting held 2015-01-13 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs

*Attending: *
Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Alexander Kozhevnikov (MentalistTraceur), Oksana
Tkachenko (Oksana/Wikiwide), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen),

*Partial: *
Rüdiger Schiller (chem|st), Gido Griese (Win7Mac),

*Absent: *
William McBee (gerbick),

*Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):*

   - Election system: automatic calculation of results and personal URL in
   - Autobuilder: thumb toolchain and GCC versions
   - IRC: cloaks and topic of the channel
   - eV

*Topic (Election system): *

   - If everything goes well, MentalistTraceur will take a look at the PHP
   code <https://toosa.swagman.org/svn/maemo_elections> within another day
   or two.
   - juiceme:
   the email template is in the DB, and it contains placeholders that are
   filled by the user's email address and temporary token when the mail is
   processed for sending.
   it would be possible to add a personal URL mangled from the temporary
   token to be inserted to the mail as well.

*Topic (Autobuilder): *

   - MentalistTraceur asked in our techstaff IRC channel who is responsible
   for the autobuilder's maintenance.
   Hopefully, when we get a reply, we can ask that person directly about
   the feasibility of thumb toolchain, and also about completeness and
   compatible-versions of gcc across toolchains
   As warfare replied, freemangordon or merlin1991 maybe the people to ask
   about autobuilder maintenance.

*Topic (IRC): *

   - Topic of the channel should be changed, to reflect the current meeting
   time. It can only be done by a channel operator.
   - IRC cloaks can be given by GC; council cloak is actually being used as
   access list entry in admin-channel
   chem|st will send out an email to freenode again as xfade is
   unresponsive ever since and generalAntilles is more on twitter than on any
   of #our channels

*Topic (eV): *

   - All member applications have been accounted for; chem|st has sent
   emails to all of them. eV headcount is now 14, including founding members
   - Win7Mac locked wiki page <http://wiki.maemo.org/MaemoCommunity_eV> so
   that only logged-in users would be able to edit it

*Action Items:*

   - -- old items:
      - *Juiceme and chemist to clarify the bank account situation or e.V.*
      - The selected Code of Conduct (KDE
      <https://www.kde.org/code-of-conduct/>) still needs to be published
      on (T)MO.
      - Looking into automatic calculation of election results ...
   - -- new items:
      - Next week's tasks: possibly adding personal URL to email template
      of election system...
      - Contacting freemangordon and merlin1991 about autobuilder: thumb
      target in auto-builder, GCC version in auto-builder?
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