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From: marcellodgl marcellodgl at aruba.it
Date: Fri Jan 27 19:08:50 UTC 2017
Here my candidateProject Name:VNC Screen
Author: Marcello Di Guglielmo
Brief description:
Remote Desktop application for Sailfish OS based on VNC standard.Category:InternetScreenshot(s):https://github.com/marcellodgl/harbour-vncscreen/blob/master/harbour/Screenshot/loginhistory.pnghttps://github.com/marcellodgl/harbour-vncscreen/blob/master/harbour/Screenshot/zoom.png
Features/work to be judged:
Native interface Silica on Sailfish OSConnect to a remote VNC Desktop ServerControl screen through touch screen gesture as mouse event and virtual keyboard as desktop key eventTouch scroll on the screen for big resolution displayNetwork quality level settingConnection historyZoom screen through Pinch gesturePackage name and where to find the app/repository: harbour-vncscreen / https://github.com/marcellodgl/harbour-vncscreen
Marcello Di Guglielmo

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