[maemo-community] Maemo Developer Regatta - OSM2go updates

From: Rolf Eike Beer eike at sf-mail.de
Date: Sun Jan 29 17:37:29 UTC 2017
I've tried posting this to the forum, but the post doesn't show up there. 
Well, forums are so 90ies, so another try here.

Application submission: OSM2go updates

Project Name: OSM2go

Author: Dakon aka. DerDakon (Rolf Eike Beer)

Brief description: OSM2go has been improved lately. It now uses C++ for many 
things, which results in reduced memory usage (std::vector and friends instead 
of handcoded single-linked lists). It gained some new features (e.g. nested 
presets, so a newer set of JOSM presets can be used), a couple of memory leaks 
were fixed. Based on the C++ port a Qt5 based GUI will eventually come, 
hopefully bringing OSM2go to Jolla.

Category: Fixing/Updating

Features/work to be judged:
 - speed and memory improvements (e.g. 
 - new presets features (list of presets used in the currently selected object 
[presets -> "Used presets"], multi-level presets hierarchy)
 - usability improvements (e.g. place node at current GPS position, "Update 
all" to update all project OSM files)
 - the good karma that someone still updates programs for the N900 
Package name and where to find the app/repository: osm2go (the version in the 
store is outdated) https://github.com/osm2go/osm2go

Screenshots here: http://opensource.sf-tec.de/osm2go/


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