[maemo-developers] Proof of concept G.711 dsptask

From: David Huggins-Daines dhuggins at cs.cmu.edu
Date: Fri Aug 3 16:02:51 EEST 2007
Simon Pickering wrote:
> I chose something relatively easy to make sure I didn't lose the will 
> (battling against both the algorithm and the DSP oddities).
> Anyway, my hope is that this might show people that it's quite easy to 
> use the dsp (for something simple at least), and to get people thinking 
> of other ways of using it.
Wow, this is excellent.  Where does one download the TI DSP toolchain?

For my purposes I'd really just like to be able to do real-valued 
1-dimensional FFT on the DSP, and it seems like there ought to be a 
library or at least some reference code that implements this.  If this 
exists and someone could point me to it I'd be very grateful.

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