[maemo-developers] scanning wifi

From: nic niclane at cs.dartmouth.edu
Date: Sat Aug 4 00:20:19 EEST 2007
Hi All,

I'm attempting to gather traces of the APs heard by the N800. I
notices some behavior where not all APs are listed, even though other
devices indicate they are present. There was a bug report and some
discussion about this a few times. Most recently around June. On
replier to the person we posted this question suggested interacting
with the wlancond would be a solution around the bug.

I couldn't find any documentation about the DBus interface that has
been implented for this daemon. While other components have README
file with such information in the case of the wlancond there is only
listings for the identifiers. Could someone point me in the direction
of the documentation for this interface?



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