[maemo-developers] Loving the development

From: Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Date: Sun Aug 5 05:14:07 EEST 2007
In the past four days since I got my n800 I'm thrilled with it.

I started programming in python two days ago (I'm a Pascal & PHP guy,) and I
just finished my first working program - er if you can call it finished.
It's a Bible reader that allows you to highlight sections of text.  it also
allows you to jump to books, chapters and verses with just a few clicks.  It
stores the text in plain text rather than compressed, and uses two secondary
files for storing your markups and the pre-supplied index file that points
to the start of each verse.

It will also open standard text files with no index file and still allow you
to add highlightings.

I took the "completely open" and "oversimplified" road with the file formats
because I was so frustrated at looking at the file formats used by all the
other "palm" readers, not to mention trying to figure out the sword file
format.  Other than the fact that loading the indexes for the Old Testament
file takes about 5 seconds, it's very fast and uses very little running

I designed it to only read in the page of text you're currently reading from
the large text file, so you don't have to load the entire text into memory.

Next I've got to add some file management features (currently you file+open
the document you want) and some note taking features so you can create your
own topics that link to specific areas of the files.

Probably late next week I'll release it for download.  I'm running it from
xterm right now, so it's still not ready for prime time ;-)
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