[maemo-developers] 3.2007.10-7 - Detailed change log?

From: Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com
Date: Mon Aug 6 13:06:48 EEST 2007
>>> How about all of them?
>> Please check what's available; kernel and X git repositories you 
>> should find with Google, Application framework stuff you will find 
>> from Maemo (until it's moved to Gnome), new Browser is in 
>Garage.  For 
>> all the open
>> source(d) packages you find the debian source package from the maemo 
>> repos and those contain change logs.  Maybe you could view them and 
>> tell what specifically you're lacking?
>Hmmm, I think someone's missing the point here. You "Nokia" 
>tell me as an end user nothing about what's in each release. 
>From start to finish, there's no information in a release that 
>tells me what it includes. 

I can't see *end user* caring a bit about having a Freetype 2.2.1-1osso3
in the release and how it differs from the Freetype in previous release.
That is probably not what you meant.

>At the very minimum I want the 
>delta between the current and previous releases. 

Like the delta we announced for the latest release?

>To be honest, your response is more along the same line of the 
>previous responses, i.e. "it's more complex than you understand"  
>which again just tells me Nokia either can't or won't provide 
>this information.

Makes me sad people see it this way without knowing enough.



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