[maemo-developers] GAUDEC 2007 Presentations?

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Fri Aug 10 01:04:34 EEST 2007
I've seen several blog postings recently (such as this one by Carlos[1]) which reference GUADEC presentations (eg. Tko's "Maemo and gtk+: Past, present and future"[2]) and I'd like to view the presentations/slides that were given (if they are available).

A whole bunch of Maemo and Nokia related presentations were given at this years GUADEC, is it possible for them to be hosted centrally on maemo.org for us all to view? Sadly we're all not able to attend GUADEC and miss out on these presentations which are no doubt interesting and informative.


1. http://www.notacloud.com/blog/?p=37
2. http://guadec.org/node/584

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