[maemo-developers] Do I really need ScratchBox?

From: Tim Wegener twegener at fastmail.fm
Date: Sun Aug 12 08:15:49 EEST 2007
Hi Tony,

On Sat, 2007-08-11 at 16:58 -0400, Tony Maro wrote:
> I just want to make a package of a Python application I wrote.
> Do I really need scratchbox?  It seems overkill to install all that
> cross-compile stuff when everything I write is in Python and doesn't
> need compiled. 

Provided your project is pure Python (i.e. no compiled C modules) you
don't need scratchbox, but it might be helpful for ensuring dependencies
are correct and such. 

> If not, is there a tutorial for making a Python app into a .deb
> package?

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, there is probably a cleaner approach,
but I use Fedora, so I just rolled my own method using the command

See my blog post on the subject for instructions:


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