[maemo-developers] Software categories (was do we need garage sandbox repos?)

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 10:31:23 EEST 2007

ext Neil MacLeod wrote:
> Ferenc Szekely wrote:
>> On 8/9/07, Vlad Vasiliev <vlad at gas.by> wrote:
>> Neil raised a very important point in his mail: categories and control
>> of the repository. We could experiment with the categories in this
>> "extras-testing" repository. First we would need a proposal of
>> categories. The best would be to write this on a wiki page. Neil,
>> would you mind coming up with a draft?

Could you first define what you mean by "category"?

I have a bug in Bugzilla about the terminology, and it's not very clear:

This is the relevant part in Debian Policy:

The Maemo sections should at least try to mostly match Debian as we use
Debian as upstream.  Otherwise there will be useless patching of
packages when they are built/ported for Maemo.

>>From this initial list that I see on my N800 today:
> Accessories     <---- Too general? Includes evince, would Office be a better choice?
> Applications    <---- Again, too general?
> cli             <---- All lowercase, and pretty meaningless
> Communication   <---- Only contains VNC, and gets it about right
> connectivity    <---- Again all lowercase, contains mnotify... hmmm Communication??
> Daemon          <---- Only dropbear, maybe Communication?
> Daemons         <---- Can never have enough Daemons
> extras          <---- Lowercase again, contains microb-refui whatever that is...
> Games
> graphics        <---- Contains an image viewer (mirage) - "Image Viewers" as a category?
> home-applet     <---- So good it needed it's own home-applet category
> instantmessaging <--- Bless you, Pidgin but what's wrong with Communication?
> Locales         <---- Is this really necessary? Again, it's Pidgin
> misc            <---- Insightful (not)
> Multimedia
> Office
> Other           <---- Mostly gaming related (fceu, visualboyadvance, xmame etc.)!
> Programming     <---- Python, could have gone in Support maybe?
> Protocols       <---- More Pidgin!
> religion        <---- rrrrrrrr!
> sound           <---- kmplayer, what's wrong with the Multimedia category?!
> Support         <---- Would seem like a good category for locales, runtimes and other stuff
> Themes
> Tools           <---\
> Utilities       <---- Tools/Utilities/utils... one category to rule them all?
> utils           <---/
> web             <---- privoxy... how about Daemon, Communication or connectivity?
> Web             <---- wordpress... Communication or Applications perhaps
> I've produced the following subset of broad categories for consideration:
> Communications
> Games
> Graphics
> Multimedia
> Office (or perhaps Business Tools?)
> Programming
> Support
> Themes
> Utilities (or perhaps Tools?)

This is what the Maemo documentation has to say (see "Sections" part"):

It defines the software sections, but unfortunately it doesn't currently
list what is supposed to go to each section.  This would be needed.

> Something like FBReader should probably go in the Office category
> (as it relates to document viewing though not necessarily Word/Excel
> format), which suggests Office may not be a good title...
> maybe a Document Viewer category (distinct from document creation tools
> which should be in "Office").
> Applications such as xterm would be categorised as Utilities. Dropbear
> and ssh could be categorised as Utilities *OR* Communications - should
> all command line tools be placed in a single category for that purpose
> or treated the same as GUI packages? Perhaps a "Command Line" category
> would be appropriate.
> Pidgin would be categorised as Communications, however Pidgin protocols
> might be categorised as Support, as would any locales (eg. Skype). However
> in order to simplify installation for the user there may be an argument
> to keep all packages associated with the main application in the same
> category, such that all Pidgin sound and protocol packages are categorised
> as "Communications" too.
> Any thoughts?

I guess this also relates to menu policy, i.e. where the applications
should be in the menu.  Debian is currently in process of changing

and I think Debian has already accepted the change, but he actual
menu policy document is not yet updated, it's still the obsolete

The Debian developers on the list might comment on this also.

	- Eero

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