[maemo-developers] GAUDEC 2007 Presentations?

From: Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 12:39:30 EEST 2007

My Guadec 07 presentation was: Hildon Desktop running on Linux-PC:

Well, I can speak only about myself, but my lightning talk can't be
really made available as slides
as it was just a demo. You can find the instructions to replicate it
from here, a Hildon Desktop running
on your laptop is always a lot cooler than some slides:

Follow all the steps plus create .desktop -entry for gdm for Hildon
Desktop (copy paste from
some old file), remove all localization things as you don't need them
really for try it out
and name it just as "Hildon Desktop". Make it start the
hildon-session.sh script you have
created and please remove the export display=:2 assignment because you
want to run it on your X for real
(and not on Xephyr). 

I have been working now with Hildon Desktop without scratchbox
completely. Depending on compiler
you may find minor compilation issues because of the -Werror compilation
flag is used and the newer compilers
are more strict than the older ones, in those cases, a quick fix is
simply to remove the -Werror -flag.

You may want to recompile also X and include the composite patch on it
(which not mentioned on the instructions) and the result may look less
broken on your PC (it is still not perfect as the bitmap graphics for
example don't scale and there are visual issues which require fixing
before it looks right on the large PC screen). 

Best Regards,

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>Subject: GAUDEC 2007 Presentations?
>I've seen several blog postings recently (such as this one by 
>Carlos[1]) which reference GUADEC presentations (eg. Tko's 
>"Maemo and gtk+: Past, present and future"[2]) and I'd like to 
>view the presentations/slides that were given (if they are available).
>A whole bunch of Maemo and Nokia related presentations were 
>given at this years GUADEC, is it possible for them to be 
>hosted centrally on maemo.org for us all to view? Sadly we're 
>all not able to attend GUADEC and miss out on these 
>presentations which are no doubt interesting and informative.
>1. http://www.notacloud.com/blog/?p=37
>2. http://guadec.org/node/584
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