[maemo-developers] dbus and startup script

From: Kemal Hadimli disqkk at gmail.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 23:58:08 EEST 2007
Hey, glad somebody is peeking on our code :)

The loading indicator should go away when you create the HildonProgram
and HildonWindow (see /usr/lib/kagu/kagu-scanner.py) but if it's not
working, check the dbus service file as missing it could be (I'm not
sure, don't really remember) also relevant.

On 8/13/07, Tony Maro <tonymaro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just took a hint from the Kagu project and moved all my Python scripts
> into /usr/lib/thummim
> I made a shell script to launch the main Python script.
> Now, when launching, the "Thummim Reader - Loading" box takes forever to go
> away.  Everything else works fine.
> Have I taken the wrong approach?  It's not killing the application like it
> was before I added osso.Context handling, but obviously it's not processing
> the "hey I'm here and working" message quite like I would expect.
> My shell script looks like this:
> #!/bin/sh
> cd /usr/lib/thummim
> python ./Thummim
> The Thummim python script sets the osso.Context when it starts.


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