[maemo-developers] Software categories

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Tue Aug 14 04:50:20 EEST 2007
On 8/13/07, Neil MacLeod <gmane at nmacleod.com> wrote:
> Marius Vollmer wrote:
> > "ext Neil MacLeod" <gmane at nmacleod.com> writes:
> >
> >> Perhaps if someone can identify the method currently being used by
> >> the Application Manager to group applications it can cut down on the
> >> guesswork, and give us a base from which to move forward.
> >
> > http://hildon-app-mgr.garage.maemo.org/packaging.html
> Thanks.... and I give up. The predefined sections in the packaging guide
> matches quite closely the list of "categories" I had proposed in this
> mailing list.
> What is missing is a vetting procedure to avoid the chaos we currently
> have.
> Perhaps the application manager could require one of those categories is
used or it shows up "Not Installable" just as occurs when the package is not
in the user category?

It would be a real pain when it first happens, but if the majority of
developers were notified via the list and with a note(s) on maemo.org, etc,
programs could be repackaged before the update when that's applied. Since
nobody will want their users to require red pill mode to install, they'll
fit it into one of the "acceptable" categories that most closely fits.

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