[maemo-developers] Software categories

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Wed Aug 15 20:36:29 EEST 2007
"ext Daniel Stone" <daniel.stone at nokia.com> writes:

> It's not about having an instant 100% solution that magically fixes
> every package, but means that any package imported from Debian in
> future doesn't have to be forked, which seems like a win to me.

Yep.  Although I am a bit wary about _replacing_ the "user/foo"
section mechanism with tags, there is no doubt that using tags in
_addition_ to sections to determine visibility is a good thing, since
it reduces the need to fork.

But, not every package needs to be forked right now, only the ones
that you want to have visible in the Application Manager.  My
impression is that those packages need a significant porting effort
anyway, and adjusting their section is an acceptable change.

Another interesting scenario to consider is using Debian unchanged as
our distribution.  Then we can't fork by definition, and all Debian
packages must be suitable for us, unchanged.  The "user/foo" section
mechanism is probably not acceptable for that.

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