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From: Ed Bartosh eduard.bartosh at nokia.com
Date: Fri Aug 17 16:34:59 EEST 2007
On Fri, 2007-08-17 at 12:23 +0300, Lauri Leukkunen wrote:
> On 17/08/07 11:37 +0300, ext Ed Bartosh wrote:
> > BTW, Debian and other linux distributions proved central repository
> > concept long time ago. I have no idea why we didn't follow it from the
> > start, but re-invented Windows-like one-click installations instead.
> I remember. We were supposed to shave every kilobyte off of the flash image
> size. There was no package database on the device. Applications were supposed
> to be still somehow installed. Designing the solution to this problem was
> given to people who were perhaps not the most suitable for the task. 
> Rest followed from there.
> It's not like people had not voiced their objection to this bastardization of
> the platform, but since our management chose to cave in to
> product program's pressure to adhere to established Nokia way of building
> products, that's what we got. This same fight between doing things right and
> doing things the nokia way is still ongoing in other parts of the stack.
Thank you for sharing your view. I 100% agree with it.

2Daniel: This can be considered as an explanation of the reason for the
difference between Debian and our ways of doing things.

However I don't think that .install files functionality of automatically
adding repositories is related to this. I doubt that implementation of
this 'feature' was required by Nokia management.

Ed Bartosh <eduard.bartosh at nokia.com>

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