[maemo-developers] Trying to build gtk in scratchbox

From: Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 22 08:16:50 EEST 2007
2007/8/22, vasant kanchan <v_kanchan at yahoo.com>:
> Hello Developers,
> I just installed Maemo 2.2 on scratchbox. My initial
> hello world application built and ran correctly with
> I than edited /etc/apt/sources.list to include
> deb-src http://repository.maemo.org maemo2.2 free
> non-free. I than did th following:
> apt-get update
> mkdir gtk
> cd ~/gtk
> apt-get source gtk+2.0
> cd gtk+2.0-2.6.10
> dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us -sa -d
> This failed looking for gtk-doc.

A suitable gtk-doc should be provided by the doctools devkit in
Scratchbox. Make sure you have installed it and selected it for your
Scratchbox target.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh at iki.fi
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