[maemo-developers] Decoding virtual keyboard layout definition files (.vkb)

From: Mohammad Anwari mohammad.anwari at nokia.com
Date: Thu Aug 23 11:22:36 EEST 2007
Pada hari Selasa, tanggal 21/08/2007 pukul 18:23 +0300, ext Kimmo
Jukarainen menulis:
> There are only few incomplete documents available about .vkb format, 
> gen_vkb utility and it's XML input format, and I couldn't find even 
> a single working example of the XML inputfile for gen_vkb. Let alone 
> the sources for the current layout files available in the device.

Does this example work for you?

> The script can currently decode all but one of the .vkbs in n800 to 
> XML files that gen_vkb encodes back to original ones. It's available 

Cool :-)

> Of the missing features, I really would like to add support for 
> modifier keys (mostly ctrl), but as the documentation is incomplete 
> and no official .vkb uses this feature I'm not sure how it is 

Yes that's not used by the proprietary plugins.

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