[maemo-developers] ALSA recording works better, but still doesn't quite work in latest ITOS2007

From: David Huggins-Daines dhuggins at cs.cmu.edu
Date: Fri Aug 24 18:21:23 EEST 2007

Though I know that GStreamer is the preferred way to do audio capture 
and playback on Maemo, I couldn't resist trying out the ALSA support 
that is built into PocketSphinx.  On the previous release of ITOS2007 it 
didn't work at all - at a certain point during initialization, reading 
from the device failed and the program exited.  This time, to my great 
surprise, I actually managed to calibrate the voice activity detector 
and capture some audio.

Unfortunately this audio sounds pretty strange.  You can hear a sample 
at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dhuggins/Projects/maemo/n800_alsa_sample.wav

I'm wondering, is the ALSA driver supposed to work correctly now, and am 
I just doing something wrong, or is recording still known to be flaky?  
My ALSA recording code is at 

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