[maemo-developers] Finding the mmc cards

From: Tony Maro tonymaro at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 29 08:20:34 EEST 2007
After our thread some weeks ago regarding reading the serial number from a
MMC card, I've since implemented detection of the MMC card's presence by the
existence of those same files.  I know my solution works on my device

I figure it's probably a bad decision, because the architecture could change
somewhat with the next hardware or software release.

Can someone tell me, is there an approved / documented way of identifying
the location of any MMC cards currently installed?  I've noticed you can't
simply look for /media/mmcX because that directory will exist even if there
is no card inserted.

Also, what determines MMC1 vs MMC2 as the card's path for
internal/external?  Is it possible these paths would change at some date?  I
know some Linux distro's with SATA drives had a problem with the drives
changing their /dev/sdX path every reboot.  I know that MY Nokia isn't doing
anything similar, but I figure it's possible that my /media/mmc1 might be
internal, but for someone else it could be the external slot - or maybe in
the next hardware revision or something.

I did find the alias names located in the /sys/ path that specify "internal"
is for one and "external" or removable or something for the other.  Also,
are the names and paths the same for the 770's?  Since I have an n800 I
don't know.  I'm hesitant to read too much data from /sys/ because it all
looks _so_ Maemo-specific I wonder if I will tie my code too closely to one
hardware revision.

Just looking for the most _compatible_ way to identify if/when and where a
media card is present.

And as usual, from Python.

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