[maemo-developers] Running Microb after building it

From: S P pskrtech at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 29 18:02:36 EEST 2007
With the help of timelyx and pupnik (IRC), I was able to build microb. I
have microb-engine_1.0.3-13_armel.deb and other .debs under SDK_ARMEL. I
tried dpkg -i and installation was successful (I had to install other .debs
to get there).

But I am not able to see Microb under Web in maemo (Xephyr).

In some IRC log, I found that I need to do

and ./run-mozilla.sh ./TestGtkEmbed

If I do this, yesterday I got error related to starting xpcom.

Today, I am getting -- Couldn't find GTKMozEmbed symbols.

Can somebody help me how to run the microb I built?

As you can see, I built for SDK_ARMEL. Do I need to built for X86?
In some IRC log I found that microb does not build for X86.

How can I see my armel .deb running? Do I need to use QEMU ( I need to read
about it yet)

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