[maemo-developers] General Maemo/Scratchbox/N800 help

From: David Hazel david.hazel at enchaine.com
Date: Wed Aug 29 22:24:46 EEST 2007
Some people seem to have issues that completely corrupt beyond repair a MMC
card and it seems to be possibly tied to using the USB cable to transfer
files to/from your PC and the MMC card in the Nokia.

It's possible that cards experiencing this problem are not completely
corrupted "beyond repair", but that they've simply had their FAT tables
damaged to the point where most software can't deal with them. FAT32 devices
seem to have a particular problem, in that if certain elements of the FAT
table get corrupted, they appear to be completely unusable. This kind of
damage can be repaired using the Disk Manager on Windows XP or 2000. If you
use this to reformat such a device, it will come back to life quite
successfully (but be prepared for a bit of a wait while the Disk Manager
decides that the device is not properly formatted and that it can't
therefore show its current format).

David Hazel
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