[maemo-developers] Finding the mmc cards

From: Tony Maro tonymaro at gmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 30 19:58:04 EEST 2007
On 8/30/07, david.hazel at enchaine.com <david.hazel at enchaine.com> wrote:
>  I'm interested to hear that anything outside of the SD card has a choice
> in the matter. There was a time when hardware write-protection of this kind
> was exactly that: harware-enforced write-protection. I would have expected
> that, if I put the switch on an SD card into the "write-protected" position,
> the card itself would disable or ignore write operations (by, for example,
> disabling whatever line/signal is used to perform the write operation).

Nope, the specs leave it up to the device to implement, kind of like the old
notch on floppies ;-)

>From the Nokia n800 user manual:

This device does not support the write
protection feature of SD cards.

I don't believe the write protection switch was part of the original MMC
card design specs was it?  I'm not "in the loop" but it's only recently I
started seeing cards with the switch.  I'm assuming it sets some bit
somewhere to tell the hardware "Hey, leave me alone" which Maemo promptly
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