[maemo-developers] maemo downloads - be prepared

From: Thomas D. Waelti twaelti at dplanet.ch
Date: Thu Nov 1 00:05:27 EET 2007
While revamping, please make sure to correctly configure the MIME types on your server.

Currently, you have the file extension ".deb" wrongly configured as mime-type "application/x-archive". This makes it impossible for Opera to directly open a package through the programs manger after downloading. Therefore, please change the MIME type for .deb to "application/x-debian-package" - it will ease the installation of downloaded files a lot.

Thank you very much

> We plan to launch the revamped http://maemo.org/downloads this
> week. We are just polishing the last details.
> Some things application developers need to know to be prepared:
> - The main page will feature OS2007/Bora software as default, but
> not for long. The OS2008 category will be already activated and
> ready to receive submissions. This will be the default page as soon
> as the N810 is out. fyi tablet users will see apps for the OS they
> are using automatically.
> - Screenshots are widely featured in the downloads main page,
> category listings and searches. If you app doesn't have a
> screenshot it will feature a gray rectangle with an "?".
> - Functional install file is the main criteria to sort listings. If
> you provide it your app will go up. If you don't your app will go
> down.
> - Stable / Beta / Alpha quality will be printed in bold in the
> application pages. Make sure the quality level assigned corresponds
> to the last version uploaded.

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