[maemo-developers] Repositories mess: conclusions and actions

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Nov 1 15:07:24 EET 2007

> Speaking about decisions. Someone wants to summarize the discussion in a

I did that:

> wiki page and call for review? I'd suggest separating the principles
> from the implementations, since we seem to agree already in the first
> ones. Stamping a deal on the principles should make easier the agreement
> on the implementations.

I tried to go through the mails in this thread and collect all relevant 
comments hints. If somebody misses his ideas, simply add them.

Please comment, discuss, tear in in two, edit, delete and enhance. At 
the same time write a comment to this thread :-)

Please try to keep your changes withing the existing structure or 
improve it ;-)


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