[maemo-developers] Question regarding garage project pages

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Nov 1 20:26:49 EET 2007

I would like to move the maemo specific parts of my currently 
sourceforge hosted projects closer to garage.

The source (which is not maemo specific) is currently hosted at 
sourceforge and the repository is hosted on my private web page.

I have a number of packages for smaller applications which all are based 
on a common GUI framework. At sourceforge I host all applications in the 
  projects space of the GUI framework project.

New releases are currently always of the "all packages updated" kind 
since the GUI framework is still in development, chances in the GUI 
library and one application normally requires updates of all packages.

The question is, how should I structure this in garage? Should I again 
request one project and hosts all applications there (which makes things 
easier for me but might have negative consequences for my karma :-), for 
other users and for my compability with the discussed infrastructure 
planes for the extra repository) or should I request a individual 
project for the library and one for each application, which would 
generate some stress for me on every release?

I can see that it is possible to link to homepages outside of garage. Is 
this also possible for subversion (link to www.sf.net..., since I will 
not move or duplicate the source to the garage subversion repository)?


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