[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Date: Fri Nov 2 14:05:07 EET 2007
On 11/2/07, Mike Morrison <mike_morrison at alumni.uvic.ca> wrote:
> What about applications that are not hosted in garage but are listed in the
> application catalog? My program falls into this category [1]. Also, I
> currently host the packages for it in my own repository (I will be moving to
> the extras repository for future builds). Does that also affect the karma
> calculations? Currently it is showing a zero for my product karma [2].

The problem is this: in the product page it says "Submitted by
<blank>", meaning that you're not marked as the application author in
the database.

I've now marked you as the author, so karma should come by tomorrow morning.

If you are author of an application in the app catalog but not marked
as such, go to the app page and click "edit metadata", and add
yourself as the author.


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