[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: Rainer Dorsch rdorsch at web.de
Date: Sat Nov 3 06:23:08 EET 2007
Am Freitag, 2. November 2007 03:01 schrieb Henri Bergius:
> On 11/1/07, Henri Bergius <henri.bergius at iki.fi> wrote:
> > There will be recount every night, so once you have linked your
> > garage, bugzilla, maemo.org and mailing list accounts together (mostly
> > by using a consistent email address everywhere), your stats will start
> > to show up nicely.
> Unfortunately the automatic recount did not fire this night. My bad,
> hadn't actually installed the cron handler.
> I'll launch a manual recount a bit later today, and next night the
> automatic one should happen normally.


my maemo address is rdorsch at web.de. I also have an bugzilla account with that 
address. But I reported bugs with rdorsch at alzental-castle.de (not sure why 
any more). No I cannot change my rdorsch at alzental-castle.de address to my 
rdorsch at web.de maemo address.

Do you have any suggestion what to do?


Rainer Dorsch
Lärchenstr. 6
D-72135 Dettenhausen
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