[maemo-developers] What is the policy of Maemo on the source codes of embedded applications

From: Huang Gao huanggao at longcheertel.com
Date: Mon Nov 5 09:59:44 EET 2007
Dear all Maemo guys:

       I am now studying Maemo system, and found that not all source codes
of it are opened to public; specially speaking, most embedded applications
have not opened their source codes, though Maemo is stated as a full open
source platform now (or these applications are not regarded as part of the
platform? :-) ). For instance, source codes of filemanager can not be found
at any repositories, as well as some other embedded applications.

       Are there anyone can give me some tips on this point? Is it a policy
of Nokia that source codes of embedded applications will not be released to
public, or there are some websites have opened them that are not so easy to
be found?

       Thanks in advance!


Best Regards

Huang Gao

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