[maemo-developers] Repositories mess: conclusions and actions

From: Mikhail Sobolev mss at mawhrin.net
Date: Mon Nov 5 18:05:30 EET 2007

I'd like to share a simple 5-step plan :)  It seems that the discussion
again somehow stopped.  The first steps of the plan seem to be quite
practical, so hopefully we can start implementing something.  And I'd
strongly suggest we proceed with step 5 only after having implemented
steps 1-4 :)

NOTE: I still think that at least a few steps can be done for Chinook.


Proposal: create extras-devel repository
Purpose: support developers in distribution alpha/beta/not-stable packages.

Step 1: Create the repository itself

    Make it possible to upload the same way as it's done for extras:

        dput extras-devel *.changes

    The repository would accept source and/or binary packages and would just
    make them available at a predefined URL :)

    IMPORTANT: If somebody wants to "promote" packages to 'extras', these
    promotions are to be made manually, in other words, the same
    packages need to be uploaded again.

    DIFFICULTY: As easy as asking Ferenc to create one :) (see his mail
    at http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-developers/2007-August/011202.html)

Step 2: Create "promotion" interface

    A simple web based interface would allow package owners/dedicated
    'administrators' (chosen by community) to promote packages from
    'extras-devel' to 'extras'.  Basically the idea could be to present
    a list of packages that are in 'extras-devel' and are not in
    'extras', then click on a few checkbox, press "Promote" button and

    IMPORTANT: At this stage direct upload to 'extras' might might be
    limited to a selected people or removed all together.

    DIFFICULTY: Should not be too difficult, but it requires
    implementation of such a web (or other) interface.  Any takers?

Step 3: Add building facility

    Developers now can just upload source packages that are going to be
    built against the corresponding Maemo SDK and the content of
    'extras-devel'/'extras'.  The resulting binary packages will be
    installed to 'extras-devel'.

    DIFFICULTY: Unknown. Either adopting something already available
    elsewhere (mud, Debian) or adopting internal Nokia stuff (may take
    some time).

Step 4: Making "promotion" interface a bit more sophisticated

    Make promotion interface a bit more automatic.  Perform various QA
    checks and use the results as input for manual/automatic promotion.

    DIFFICULTY: unknown.  Promotion criteria and QA stuff should be agreed.

Step 5: Make it better? :)

    DIFFICULTY: easy -- it's always possible to make things better (better is
    the enemy of good :))
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