[maemo-developers] AW: porting to N800.

From: Christian Kornacker christian.kornacker at gmx.net
Date: Mon Nov 5 20:34:27 EET 2007

Am 31.10.2007 10:44:43 schrieb(en) pradeep MN:
> Hello Everbody,
>                           I've done a C program for devloping GUI in
> ubuntu
> (maemo 3.1, scratchbox 3.1) , now I need to port to Nokia N800, since
> for C
> program we'll be getting .exe instead of .deb, hence difficulty in
> porting
> to the device can anybody help me in this regard.

.deb is a package format for binary files like your .exe (btw. are you 
sure .exe is correct? :) ).

here's a little debian packaging howto:

  - Christian

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