[maemo-developers] How to setup multicast over wifi, 3G, DVB-H ?

From: Darius Jack dariusjack2006 at yahoo.ie
Date: Tue Nov 6 12:39:34 EET 2007

for a small r&d project in distance learning I would like to setup multicast over wifi environment to have some N770/N880/ N810 users to receive the same media stream in parallel.
Is there any application, already ported to maemo listening to media stream packets as an input only in a brodcasting mode one-to-many without any interaction of the on-demand type ?
I am aware kismet and other sniffer applications can listen and analyze broadcasted packets.
But what I need to establish is open multicast - broadcasting channel for media (TVersity or another streaming back end servwer).

In ethernet configuration multicast packets from multicat IP range are copied by a router and sent to each respective IP address assigned by DHCP server running at multicast router .
Multicast over wifi should be configured as an open stream channel like DVB-H/G3 to provide open listen to, access to any device switched to listen to mode , like fm radio , sat tv or the like.

So please let me know how to setup media streamer client's application to ignore IPs in packets streamed by server and have to read selected open channel wifi stream , bufor and read in media streamer application.



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