[maemo-developers] Pascal on armel Was: [Re: About the upcoming maemo user karma]

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Tue Nov 6 18:47:23 EET 2007
En/na Igor Stoppa ha escrit:

> Currently i'm stuck with having source code for Delphi/FreePascal and
> not being able to compile it since (to the best of my knowledge)
> FreePascal only supports ABI, not EABI.

Yes, that's the problem. OTOH, if it's a relatively simple console 
program, with no external libraries dependencies, the static binary it 
generates should run on the tablet (at least a simple hello world 
worked, as well as a static C program compiled with an old ABI toolchain).
I hope one day freepascal for arm will be able to generate eabi calls, 
but I don't think that's one of freepascal developers top priorities :-(
And something like KOL-CE (but for maemo) would be very interesting:

> GPC would be a much better alternative since it basically can generate
> executables for whatever is supported by the backend of gcc.
> So, is this attempt reasonable? Do you use gpc on the tablet?

No, last time I looked gpc wasn't really delphi compatible, so it 
couldn't compile delphi/freepascal code without a lot of porting effort. 
Maybe things have changed now, I don't know.

> BTW, Kdevelop is not that bad an IDE, albeit Konsolle + VIM + cscope is
> the way to go imho ;-)

As I said, having used delphi, and now lazarus, everything else seems 
primitive ;-) (at least for gui programming).


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