[maemo-developers] screen, battery, headphone: sense and modify

From: Neil Jerram neil at ossau.uklinux.net
Date: Wed Nov 7 00:01:14 EET 2007
"Jesse Guardiani" <jesse at guardiani.us> writes:

> Hello,
> As many of you know, Kagu has support for much of this functionality in it's
> maemo.py module using a combination of DBUS and filesystem polling.
>   http://kagumedia.com/projects/kagu/browser/trunk/src/kagu/maemo.py
> However, almost all of this functionality is rather, ummmm, unofficial. And
> some of it (like our "Screen Off" functionality) just doesn't work very well.
> How can we go about lobbying for official APIs and interfaces to this
> functionality?

+1, kind of.  I'm enjoying Kagu more and more, and it occurred to me
today to wonder if it is possible to lock the screen, but not the
keys.  Then one could do a useful set of things (skipping forward and
back, and increasing/decreasing volume) without having to take the
tablet out of one's pocket.

(I think that's broadly in the category your email is aiming at.)


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