[maemo-developers] Maemo security longterm roadmap?

From: Jesse Guardiani jesse at guardiani.us
Date: Wed Nov 7 00:36:07 EET 2007
Is it really an issue? Microsoft Windows has a "trust" system, but last I
checked not even their own security patches get signed. No one uses it.

On 11/6/07, François Cauwe <francois at cauwe.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was reading the discussion about the "Repository mess" and installing
> new software. I have a security concern about the current approach of
> the "1 click install".
> If I'm a end user, I just want to install a certain software. In the
> current approach, this step is made really easy, which is _good_. It
> automatically adds the needed repositories, and install the software.
> BUT the current software installer assumes that the software can be
> trusted, that it won't delete my document or send my personal data to a
> central server. (Actually it warns me first, but I'm used to warnings,
> so I always click ok.)
> The community repositories could partly solve this problem, because the
> software is checked by developers, and therefore we can hope it save to
> install it. But for 'external' software and closed source software, we
> can never be sure.
> What is Maemo's long time approach to solve this problem? How do you
> assume that software is save? Of how do you treat 'untrusted' software?
> The OLPC project has similar problems, but they have a interesting
> approach to it: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Bitfrost
> François Cauwe
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