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Date: Wed Nov 7 20:29:18 EET 2007
Can we include [maemo-*] in the subject line from maemo lists?
It would be much easier to read/filter messages.

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Subject: Re: Data corruption on N770 in OS2007 HE


this is a very common problem with N770 crashing installer.
Maemo.org has no solution to our problem.
I called it maemo virus at tablettalk as it is distributed with/by resources.
The only proposed solution at this list and at tablettalk was to reflash your maemo.
The problem is N770 is no more supported by Nokia.
Better way is to sell your N770 at any price if still in working condition.


Alex DAMIAN <smcstorage at gmail.com> wrote: Hello,

I found last night evidence of data corruption on my N770. Specifically, after the Application manager refused to install mplayer, I tried to install from command line; the dpkg complained of invalid Status: value in /var/lib/dpkg/status ; and I looked this file only to find 4 characters changed (2 pairs of the "l " characters were changed to "^@^@") The
 pairs were not in proximity in the file.  

Does anyone else experience these issues ?

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