[maemo-developers] Question regarding garage project pages

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Thu Nov 8 00:51:00 EET 2007
Quim Gil wrote:
> fwiw I also thing you are over-reacting to karma.  :)

Do you think so? Well... I didn't want to! :)

> Propose for a deal: let the karma system develop and flow and let's have
> a look to it again in, say, 3 months.

Ok... I think most of the people here just didn't get the purpose of the 
karma system. As you said now (in an other post), it will help you to 
make some decisions. So this is now clear. You need it to do your work 

> My bet today is that it will help improving things. Your bet seems to be
> otherwise. But none of us has actually proof. So let's wait and let's
> move onto other (more important) things.

My bet wasn't otherwise. I (and others) just said, that there will be 
some problems at a high chance. Ok, let the karma system grow...
As I said before, I really enjoy what you at Nokia are making with the 
Maemo system. There where a lot of trials before (with Linux based PDAs) 
and I really think Nokia did a good one. We now get the third generation 
  of devices, that's great!

Just my 2 cents, -Klaus

Klaus Rotter * klaus <at> rotters <dot> de * www.rotters.de

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