[maemo-developers] Missing button_release_event messages?

From: George Nachman maemodev at georgester.com
Date: Thu Nov 8 08:32:58 EET 2007
I've written an app in PyMaemo that is very sensitive to getting
OnButtonUp events on time and I noticed that if I touch the screen
with my finger, move it, and let it up all very quickly that I don't
get the button_release_event message. I do get a button_press_event
and maybe a motion_notify_event, but GTK never tells me I released the
button. If I then tap on the screen I immediately get a
button_release_event, motion_notify_event, and button_press_event in
very quick succession.

My program runs in a full-screen window, so I don't believe something
else could be getting my button_release_event--and besides, I do get
it when I tap on the screen later on, anyway.

Has anyone ever heard of this? Could I just be doing something silly?


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