[maemo-developers] Controlling the volume

From: Alberto Garcia agarcia at igalia.com
Date: Thu Nov 8 12:33:50 EET 2007
O Xoves 08/11/2007 ás 11:15, Michael Dominic Kostrzewa dicía...

> Actually, maybe you should re-think the whole idea of having the
> volume control in the first place ;) Having two volume controls
> (device-scope, app-scope) is a fairly big usability problem we
> currently have and a lot of users are confused about it.
> Current Vagalume's volume-less UI works good for me.

At least I would have to make the +/- hardware buttons control the
master volume of the device.

Moreover, I noticed that if I set the master volume to a very low
value, the app volume is quite loud by default...

Alberto García González

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