[maemo-developers] Data corruption on N770

From: Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 8 15:58:33 EET 2007
> > Until this bug is eliminated any device instability while WiFi is enabled can be attributed to it.
> >
> Well it is slightly worse. Also some device instability even when wifi
> is off can be attributed to it if wi-fi was enabled at least once on
> this device. Like this example shows, it most probably corrupted memory
> of application manager before it saved updated status file with package
> info. Any file modified when wi-fi is on can become corrupted. One
> random example - whole gconf system configuration is saved as a set of
> xml files and contain sensitive data that could bring device to reboot
> loop or random reboot when some (system) application reads its settings
> from it and becomes confused due to bad data. This configuration is
> saved when some device setting changes (like changing brightness or
> sound volume level) which happens relatively often. Also installation of
> any package over network can corrupt some random bytes when extracting
> it so future execution can run faulty code or read bad data even when
> wi-fi is not enabled.

Fantastic.  I've been having to reflash roughly once a week due to
spontaneously occurring reboot loops.  Has this bug always been there,
or will reverting to an earlier 2007HE help avoid it?

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