[maemo-developers] Android Vs. Maemo

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Fri Nov 9 10:01:11 EET 2007
vicente garcia wrote:
> Hi, how you think Android will affect Maemo?
> I suposse that Maemo has a lot of posibilities of be installing on a phone,
> then...

Android is distributed under Apache License. This means (to me) it can't 
use GPL or LGPL code. But this could also mean that just all 
applications are distributed under Apache License and that the libs 
which are used are LGPLd. This would offer the possibility for gtk.
So I wonder which toolkit is used. Linux itself is GPLd.
The Android specs will be published on Nov 12.

In my opinion it would be nice not to have a couple of Linux Phone 
architectures laying around, which are incompatible to each other. There 
are some: Maemo (ok, currently not used as a phone), Trolltechs Qtopia, 
OpenMokko and now Android. The problem was, that Trolltech and OpenMokko 
are too small, they need big partners in the Phone market. So Android 
may have success, if there comes hardware and if the partners give it 
time (some years).

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