[maemo-developers] extras: autobuilders

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Fri Nov 9 11:11:16 EET 2007
On Nov 9, 2007 8:34 AM, Mikhail Sobolev <mss at mawhrin.net> wrote:
> Let's create a separate thread about autobuilders.
> A simple question: what would you expect from an autobuilders?

1) Simple ability to upload a source package(s).
2) Have that source package compiled on as many SDKs as possible (OS 2006, OS
   2007 and OS 2008 should be possible with some/most packages).
3) The ability to update a source package in a simple manner (triggering a
4) When a new SDK is released, everything should be recompiled and redeployed
   to extras-{devel,testing,...}.

Ideally, anything which would appear in the Application Manager (ie:
Section: user/...) should also be updated/auto-created in the
downloads catalogue; but this is a nice to have.

Tim Teulings wrote:
> What for example if we use
> http://mud-builder.garage.maemo.org/index.php
> instead? The author has planed to use it for rebuilding upstream
> packages but I think using it would give use more benefit than just
> switch to totally manually mode (which we already have). It has not much
> but at least more infrastructure. Can the author of mud please give his
> opinion on my silly idea :-)?

That'd be me :-)

mud's intended to be used for two things:

  1) To easily create Maemo-compatible packages from upstream tarballs, debs,
     subversion etc. Including the application of any Maemo-specific patches.

  2) To provide a mechanism for autobuilding all the packages and uploading
     them to extras.

(1) is an ongoing task, but it's basically useful for this.
(2) has been started (you can compile all the mud packages in one
operation, for example); however it's more of a process issue. Without
an investment in infrastructure, very few people have the 3 platforms
installed[1] and my initial attempts at uploading them to extras
failed (and then I got side tracked with improving (1)).

There's also the point that many of the packages at the moment are
still a bit rough and ready, so an extras-testing in which less
polished apps could be put would definitely help here.

Primarily, the reason mud-builder isn't regularly uploading to extras
is one of process rather than technology. I would be perfectly happy
to finish (or accept a patch to finish) the uploading-to-extras bit,
and then build all the packages for Chinook. Someone else could then
build them for Bora, and another Gregale. It just requires some

For a full-blown, central, Maemo autobuilder; there are mass
autobuilders already in-place for deb-based systems, used by both
Debian and Ubuntu. These are much too big for the scale at which mud
is aimed, however for a real Maemo auto-builder they could be perfect:


Presumably these should run within Scratchbox relatively easily; but
I've not checked.



[1] Is OS2007 support still useful? There are really only two platforms: OS
    2006 for 770 owners, and OS 2008 for N800/N810 owners. Maintaining OS 2007
    support could be a pain for application authors.

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