[maemo-developers] extras: autobuilders

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Sat Nov 10 14:06:45 EET 2007

> libraries until the APIs are more stable.  This means that there are cases 
> where a dependency is updated where all the dependent packages need to be 
> rebuilt.  
> Of course, this does not only apply in cases where library versioning is not 
> in use.  Even in cases where libraries are correctly versioned there may be 
> some benefit (e.g. a performance benefit) in rebuilding a dependent 
> application.  

I'm also the developer of an "alpha-version" library. I would suggest in 
this case to add for example the exact date as package version (e.g. 
0.1.20071110)  and make all dependent packages dependent on exactly this 
version. I know that all dependent packages then need an upload (with an 
incremented package revision at least) with this new dependency to get 
build again, but IMHO there is no way around.


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