[maemo-developers] Uninstalling SDK 3.2 Maemo

From: Tuomas Kulve tuomas at kulve.fi
Date: Sun Nov 11 12:41:14 EET 2007
Denis DeLaRoca wrote:
> In preparation for installing teh newly released SDK 4.0 Maemo, how does 
> one uninstall SDK 3.2 -- is it sufficient to do "rm -fr /Scratchbox"?

Just make sure that you've stopped it first. Otherwise it has bind
mounted e.g. your real /dev under it and rm -rf can do nasty things in
that case.

You can also just move it to a different name (after stopping it) and
once you have installed the new SB, you can copy your existing home
directory from the old SB to the new one. Once you know you don't need
anything from the old one, you can remove it.


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