[maemo-developers] Differenced from fakeroot apt-get install and normal apt-get install?

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Sun Nov 11 23:04:02 EET 2007
Andrea Grandi wrote:
> Hello,
> using Scratchbox, with Maemo SDK, somewhere I read this, for example:
> fakeroot apt-get install maemo-explicit
This is correct for in Scratchbox (SDK)
> to install the package "maemo-explicit", while, for example, in
> another site I read this:
> apt-get install python2.5-runtime
> to install the Python environment. What are the differences between
> using fakeroot or not?
That will work if you are root on the device.  Apt-get install requires 
root priveleges, and since Scratchbox is kind of its own system, you use 
fakeroot to simulate those priveleges.  On the device, using sudo 
gainroot or the ssh method, you already have root privs so no need to do 
sudo in front of the command.  (fakeroot is somewhat like a "fake" sudo)
> Another question: when I install an application into a target, using
> apt-get, do I have to install it in both target?
Yep!  They're two separate systems.
> Thanks!

Hope this helps!

Ryan Pavlik
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