[maemo-developers] extras: autobuilders

From: Ville Reijonen vilre at cs.tut.fi
Date: Mon Nov 12 09:57:36 EET 2007
>> - It feels reasonable to say that a project must have a garage page,
>>   in order to use the auto-builder.
> What about the myriad libraries that will be added to build all the
> random apps we want? Would each of these need a Garage page or could
> they all be grouped under the same page? I imagine most of these will
> be simple modifications (if they even need that) of existing debian
> packages and therefore a Garage project is probably overkill, a
> maintainer's email address ought to be enough.

Usually more than one project depend on some library, so if one project 
has the "control" of that library, it might not be ideal - for example 
library removal as unnecessary.. Booom.. other projects wont compile..

Separate projects for every library is too heavy. Maybe there could be a 
project for shared libraries? Or even more I would like the idea that 
the libraries would be there already waiting - the same way when I start 
to devel on top of Debian - the need to go and make your own library 
packages is quite minimal.It might be possible to autocompile most of 
the Debian archive for Maemo. Then one could apt-get dependencies for 
development or use.


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