[maemo-developers] new developer, dpkg-reconfigure missing?

From: Owen Williams owen-maemo at ywwg.com
Date: Mon Nov 12 18:03:28 EET 2007
I got accepted into the n810 dev program, and I'm trying to get set up
with the SDK so I can start working on porting my app.  I installed
scratchbox and the maemo SDK, but I'm having some problems.

My program is written in python, so I tried to install pymaemo using the
instructions on the pymaemo site (I changed the deb line to refer to
chinook of course).  However the apt-get command fails because it says
that dpkg-reconfigure is not found.  I looked around scratchbox, and
indeed it is missing.

I haven't found any help googling around, other than that
dpkg-reconfigure looks like it should definitely be included in the
scratchbox installation.

Any help getting me started would be greatly appreciated.

Owen Williams

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