[maemo-developers] SDL App runs for some seconds and then dies

From: Daniel Monteiro daniel_on_go at yahoo.com.br
Date: Wed Nov 14 02:13:42 EET 2007
Hello folks,
I have the following issue compiling my game for Maemo 2.2 (I know, its "old" stuff):
After installing my game (http://angstron.garage.maemo.org) from the .deb, and tapping the game icon on the menu, my game runs...and then dies after some (~ 10) seconds.
When running from x-terminal or the "system-monitor" applet, it runs flawless for any time I want. Where am I screwing it?
(code @ http://bzk.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/bzk/ )
It cant be on the application itself , as I spent the last two months scrutinizing my code. Got lots of bugs out of it, but didnt solved this issue.
This is the *last* issue to solve, and then "we can ship it" =-P

How can you guys help me? Thanks!
Daniel "NeoStrider" Monteiro 
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