[maemo-developers] Interest groups

From: Sarah Newman newmans at sonic.net
Date: Wed Nov 14 05:36:27 EET 2007
On ITT I have noticed person X,Y,and Z say that they are interested in 
various topics like location services or PIM and would be spending time 
investigating those topics.

So far I mostly see this forum get used for very specific technical 
questions.  It might be useful to form  public but smaller, more casual 
communities for people to bounce ideas off of each other and exchange 
code (not necessarily on the same project,) maybe even coming up with 
libraries organically.

Does this already happen?  If not is this something people would want?

I have too many projects so I don't know how soon I would be using it 
personally. :(  But I thought I would bring it up.


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