[maemo-developers] Android Vs. Maemo

From: Kate Alhola kate.alhola at nokia.com
Date: Wed Nov 14 16:51:53 EET 2007
Michael Dominic Kostrzewa wrote:
>> Android has many good things on it but also what is better
>> and most successful is not so clear.
>> Technically Android is running same SW platform than maemo,
>> so it won't be difficult to run android and maemo applications
>> in maemo devices. If i quess, it wont take long until someone
>> in oss community ports android to N8xx platform.
> Well, this is not really correct. While it runs same operating system
> (just like ie. your washing machine might be running embedded Linux), it
> runs a significantly different SW platform. 
> 1) No X
That's no problem. Also Clutter run in maemo even it used OpenGl-ES
It can run in window or in fullscreen.

> 2) Android is virtual-machine based versus native maemo apps
I don't see any problem on this. We have already Python and Jalimo
> 3) Different toolkit, different object-orientation model, different IPC
> ideas
Different toolkits are mostly usabitity/ look-and-feel problem.
How to get same look and feel to all of them ?

I see most problem coming from this IPC model and how
to adapt Android Activity/Intent/Service/Provider model to maemo .
Basically i think that maemo environment can provide Services and Providers
for Android applications acting as Activities ans Intents.
> While making Android run on nXXX is prolly possible (and we'll see it)
> integrating android applications inside hildon is going to be rather
> hard.
The seamless integration is of course much more work than just quick and
dirty port.


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